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  • Being consistent with the truth.
  • “Exaggeration is an implicit lie. Lie is a word of unbelief.”1)
  • Truthfulness encompasses right behavior right with the correct words, hence defines the state of being free from all kinds of made-up statements and attitude. It is a far reaching term that denotes carrying out every moment of the inner and outer self along the same straight line, shutting down one’s self to anything contradicting the truth, and planning one’s whole life according to righteousness.”2)
  • “And say: ‘My Lord! Cause me to enter in a manner sincere and faithful to the truth, and cause me to exit in a manner sincere and faithful to the truth, and grant me from Your Presence a sustaining authority!’” (Al-Isra, 17:80).
  • Truthfulness (and sincerity before God) is a meaning and sense in the heart. The tongues of those who have truthfulness in their heart will always speak for it, and their organs will function in the direction of truth. They will choose their each statement with precision, and they will not allow a single word that is not agreed with the truth to come out of their mouths. If an accidental statement were to appear between their lips, they would be very disturbed and would say, ‘I ask forgiveness from God’ again and again. In this respect, the main issue is the internalization of truthfulness.”3)
  • “Inded, just it was lying that brought Musaylima to the lowest of the low, so it was truthfulness and right which elevated Muhammad the Trustworthy to the highest of the high.”4)
  • “The basis of Islam is truthfulness. Truthfulness is a characteristic of belief; indeed, belief is truthfulness and its main sort. Truthfulness is the bond of all perfections. Truthfulness is the life of high morals. Truthfulness is the pivot of man’s development. The order of the Islam world is truthfulness. Truthfulness is what conveys man with the speed of lightning down the road of progress to the Ka’ba of perfections. Truthfulness made the Companions of the noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, superior to all others. Truthfulness raised up our Master Muhammad al-Hashimi, peace and blessings be upon him, to the loftiest peak of humanity.”5)
  • “Lying is the friend of unbelief: ‘Live honestly. Honesty leads to goodness and goodness leads to Paradise. Once a man has given himself over to honesty and heads in that direction, he will always speak the truth, always search for what is right. Thus, he will be recorded as Siddiq (Truthful) with God. Avoid lying. Lying leads to deviance and deviance leads to Hell. A person lies to the point that he is written down as a liar in the sight of Allah.’”6).
  • “When people tell lies, a black stain appears on their hearts. This stain, which grows as they continue to lie, completely covers the heart and makes it black. Then their names will be recorded among the liars in the sight of God.”7)

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