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Things and Events

  • “While literary geniuses write epics of admiration for the Qur’an’s fascinating expression and the superiority of eloquence, scholars, who ponder over the objective and subjective world, had the good fortune to be able to see and understand the real faces of things and events under its illuminating spectrum.”1)
  • “Until the day a certain group of materialists, who are unable to penetrate things and events properly, perceive the meaning and implications of the ‘dissolution’ of matter and the ‘exhaustion’ of atoms, will continue to deceive some naive ones although they are untruthful in their thoughts and liars in their statements.”2)
  • “In fact, it is a constant truth among people that all things and events cannot be explained if they are not based on God, on His Names.”3)
  • “A Prophet is not just a glorious mind, a talent that penetrates things and events, like geniuses. He is active and vigilant with all his faculties, who constantly fluctuates and reaches the arch of ascension with every fluctuation, who waits for the solutions of the Divine breezes for his issues that rise beyond the heavens, and he is considered the person seen over the horizon of virtues, the merging point of things with the beyond.”4)
  • “People’s relationship with things and events, the meanings resulting from such a relationship, the flows and breezes that these meanings will leave in the depth of the conscience, and then the differences that appear in their behavior are a dozen cases, and with all these attributes and designations that result in each other, the spirit remains alive, dynamic and sensitive.”5)
  • “… the first feeling felt in contact with things and events gives a person the first impression of consciousness. But in order for this impression to be called consciousness, there must be an external influence. For, if there is no external influence, it is just a feeling.”6)
  • “The school enlightens the crucial events of society by casting rays of knowledge upon them, by enabling students to perceive their environments. At the same time, it helps us understand the secret of things and events. It shows humanity the holistic thought and the integrity of contemplation. It helps us see unity in plurality. In this sense, the school is a place of worship, and the saints of this place are teachers.”7)
  • “Everything that will be learned or taught should be capable of enhancing personality and enabling people to discover the fine connections among their inner world, things and events.”8)
  • Knowledge means comprehending what things and events tell us, and what the Divine Laws prevailing over the universe reveal to us. It means striving to understand the sublime purposes of the Creator.”9)
  • “… science and its products will not cease to be harmful to mankind until the men of truth assume the direction of things and events.”10)
  • “Patience is the detection, comprehension and emulation of the harmony that flows in the bosom of nature. Yes, patience means understanding the language of things and events, and attempting to establish a dialogue with them. How venerated is the person who shows consistency and patience until such a time that he begins to understand this language and then tries to establish a bridge between the flow of time and his actions to become one with nature; how grand is the Divine music that exists in the universe and how glorious is the observer who senses and observes this harmony.”11)
  • “How can a creature, who possesses an ability to gain benefit from all kinds of science and knowledge, who is granted the capability of intervening in things and events, who is equipped with skills to perceive, comprehend and accept all types of beauty, who can distinguish many types of delights and pleasures, who is insistently longing for eternity, be without a duty and ongoing future?”12)
  • “Yesterday and today, those who have comprehended the secret of time, penetrating the outer appearance of things and events, have discovered the essence of existence in it. As for those considering time a vacuum, they were wasted away within its gnashing teeth.”13)
  • “In this world, the inanimate is constantly running towards life. Life travels towards consciousness and comprehension. The alternation between dark and light is on a continuous cycle. Every single thing builds upon each other to finally form the profundity of the knowledge of God. Yes, just as big and small all rivers and streams flow and reach the sea, like a gushing waterfall, things and events, too, run without stopping towards the infinite.”14)
  • “… humans, with their intellects, beliefs, consciences, and spirits are observers and commentators of the holy secrets that are found hidden between the lines of life, things and events.”15)
  • “Humanity’s vicegerency for the Creator takes place in an unusually broad sphere that encompasses acts ranging from believing in Him and worshiping Him to understanding the mysteries within existence and the cause of things and events, and therefore being able to interfere in nature.”16)
  • “… love, which can be called as the sense, excitement, endeavor, and effort of becoming aware of the essence, foundation, and source of every object by embossing the whole existence, things and events, is also the safest way of reaching the Truth of all truths.”17)
  • “If man can read the universe, things and events with these considerations, eveything in his near or far environment begins to talk in the course of time; every object begins to sing eulogies about its position and meaning, unbosoms its heart, signifies the Creator, spreads lights to his horizon, and relief to his heart with the immense meanings beyond itself.”18)
  • “Egotism is a word derived from ‘ego,’ meaning ‘self’ in different forms of use. In addition to its meaning of a person’s self, identity and personality, the word ego also gives them the opportunity to distinguish, discern, read and interpret the existence, things and events around them. The notion further constitutes the factor that ascends a human being to the position of an addressee in the face of cognition, belief and, in this context, personal and social responsibilities.”19)
  • “… we observe things and events in this world under the veil of worldly causes. However, it is the Power of God that really acts beyond these veils.”20)
  • “The true culture of the Qur’an can only be attained by considering the Qur’an with its depth embracing the world and the Hereafter and practicing in life. Interpreting things and events from the perspective of the Qur’an is a special coloring belonging to the culture of the Qur’an.”21)
  • “The universe, on which science gropes, is essentially the book of things and events, written by the Divine Power and Will and arranged according to a plan, program, measure, and balance; real sciences consist of reports filtered from the Divine acts in the universe, the relationship of Divine laws in the universe with things and events.”22)
  • “… contemplation in straightforwardness or straightforwardness in contemplation will only be possible by scrutinizing things and events under the light of revelation.”23)
  • “… as any contingent, created being cannot have come into existence or subsist by itself, it cannot oppose the point on which it is dependent in coming into existence and subsistence. So, all things and events, causes or means of their coming into existence can continue to exist by the point (the First Cause or Creator of Causes) on which they are dependent. This leads to the conclusion that the existence of every other being save Him is relative, even nominal. Although such beings have relative existence that is dependent on the absolute Existence, we cannot regard them as having an independent self-existence.”24)
  • “All things and events consist of the reflections and manifestations of this unique Existence. In other words, the existence is an ocean, and things and events are like the the waves of this ocean, without or beyond any quality and quantity.”25)
  • “… all existence exists with the Necessarily Existent One. The relation of the Divine Being with things and events is that He brings them into existence and maintains and cares for them.”26)
  • “Language is a most significant element which has influence over people’s perspective on things and events.”27)
  • “We must act with this consideration and prepare guides that view the conditions and requirements of their age perspicaciously, thus pinpointing different truths and making different analyses; we need people who can have a more comprehensive and holistic perspective of things and events. Because these guides will encounter children of very different cultural environments. Therefore, a person is knocked out if he is not prepared and equipped for the various problems that these understandings and cultures pose to him.”28)
  • “If we take ‘reasoning’ (nazar) in terms of gaining insight into things and event and evaluating them, being an optimist represents the upper extreme, whereas a pessimist represents the lower extreme, and a truthful one represents the middle way.”29)
  • “… people who limited their world of thoughts with materialism blunt their ability and capacity to understand the metaphysical aspect of phenomena in time. As a consequence, they cannot see beyond apparent things and events, cannot grasp the wisdom contained in seemingly negative happenings, and as they are not imparted the ‘inner meaning of all happenings’ (ta’wil al-ahadith), they cannot understand the different meanings in unfolding events.”30)
  • “While eyesight (basar) means having a vision of things and events, spiritual insight (basirah) means comprehending them with the eye of the heart.”31)
  • “… if a person could listen to the Qur’an by taking the universe, the human soul and the human feeling into consideration all together, he could hear the sound and breath of all things and events.”32)
  • “Human beings have the ability to intervene in things and events by the command of God.”33)
  • “The harmony of things and events is predestined; the order among men is voluntary or by free will and to a great extent has its origins in love and fear.”34)

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