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The Golden Generation

  • “The Golden Generation” is a concept used to describe a generation that strives for the establishment of global peace in the world with their serious determination, dedication and sacrifice. This blessed generation, with the the noble ideal of living for others, lives in order to keep the common human values alive and spread them by preserving the integrity of the world and the Hereafter, intellect and conscience, matter and meaning, and body and spirit.
  • “We have long been awaiting a generation, with hearts as pure and kind as angels, with will-power strong enough to overcome the most formidable obstacles, and minds keen enough to solve all the problems of the age. Had it not been for the persistence of our hope for the coming of such a blessed generation, we would long ago have been a thing of the past. After meeting him in the herald of the Prophets and in the secret expressions of the saints, we greeted him every night in our dreams, we rejoiced with him in our dreams every day, and we have reached these days.”1)
  • “Yes, today mankind awaits a new salvation. The world is to be saved by that ‘golden’ generation who represent the Divine Mercy, from all the disasters, intellectual, spiritual, social and political, with which it has long been afflicted.”2)
  • “It would be a disregarding of the truth not to notice and mention the growing portion of the young (a golden generation) who, with their hope, belief, resolution, fervor and love of truth, have been doing their utmost to restore to human life its real value and dignity, to inject vigor and spirituality into mere existence, and to hold out to everyone a ‘feather’ from the ‘wings’ of angels. Unlike the masses drowned in despair and unlike those who seek to deceive people in the name of religion or of modern life and values, these noble-minded ones materialize their spirit on earth. With the color of saints, pure scholars and Prophets on their faces, and a passionate yearning for eternity straining in their spirits, they carry the love, mercy and promise of the Prophets wherever they go and try to found a new world on the eternal values of the past, the enlightenment of true science and pure expectations from the future. Following the Prophetic Message and Divine wisdom, they are trying to tear apart the thick veils of ignorance, heedlessness, indifference to perennial values and obstinacy, striving to open the way at the end of which truth and mercy come together.”3)

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