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The Tongue of Existence

  • “In fact, for such a vigilant spirit, the whole nature, the entire existence, all the objects are an exhibition of beauties, a gallery of art and marvels, a promenade of pleasure and delight. Those who visit this exhibition and gallery with the eyes of their hearts, and those who observe this promenade with the light of belief feel themselves as if they are walking in a corridor leading to the Paradise, they often swoon with the ecstasy of the eternal truth that they feel in their bosom, and run towards new horizons by combining their will of observance to their discernment. They receive a personal greeting from each creature they meet, listen to special lessons of knowledge of God, and travel from one valley to another by internalizing the knowledge and love of God, which is recited by each living and non-living creature; they salute them, and are saluted by all of them.”1)
  • “The individual who strives to reach perfection in a given system needs to be given direction according to the framework that the Great Creator has defined in the Glorious Qur’an. All the powers of such a person -of the heart, soul, mind and conscience need to be channelized with consideration of God and by grasping Man, objects and the universe- need to be illuminated, and this must well be the aim of creation. This we call ‘giving voice to Divine morals with the tongue of existence’.”2)
  • “When liberty is the subject matter, the fanatic is interested in only their own liberties; when democracy is mentioned, they concentrate on only what it promises them, and when it comes down to tolerance they expect only themselves to be tolerated. They cannot tolerate the existence of any value that does not fit the template they have formed in their own minds. They cannot endure the thoughts and philosophy that voices new and different reflections and considerations. They consider everyone else to be obligated to act according to their own narrow logic and are always at war with the concept of thinking through a wide perspective, of embracing with an ever so vast conscience. Working against the constant flow of time, they remain fixed in their current positions, taking neither a step forward nor backward, while the constants which are the products of their own narrow thought accompany them. They know of neither the essence of the commands of creation, nor of the different interpretations of the changing times. They understand nothing of the tongue of existence nor of the countless events that happen within that world of existence.”3)

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