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  • “Being faithful to the benevolent ones with gratitude.”1)
  • Loyalty is a lofty word that expresses all meanings of being truthful in words and attitudes, as well as in feelings, thoughts, conceptions, and intentions, being connected to the truth from the bottom of one’s heart, having deep fidelity towards the friends, not committing any treachery or untrustworthiness regardless of the circumstances, never leaving the beloved one, and being free from evil feelings such as hypocrisy, artificiality, considering material or spiritual interests, and being in the path of God with a pure intention. Those who internalize truthfulness in their words and behaviors, who are always honest in their treatment of people, who do not leave truthfulness in their all words and behaviors, from their daily speeches to their humor, from their conversations with their friends to their preaching, who always maintain the loyalty required by friendship, and who are the people of their word and the exemplars of trust are called the loyal ones.”2)
  • “Perseverance is an aspect of loyalty. Showing abatement or weariness every once in a while prevents people from achieving their goal; at least it delays it. In addition, perseverance is an attribute that expresses not to turn away.”3)
  • “… if belief in the Hereafter enters that home, it illuminates it completely: its members develop respect, love, and compassion for each other, not merely for the sake of relationships in this brief worldly life, but for the sake of their continuance in the eternal realm of happiness that is the Hereafter. They respect, love, and show compassion to each other sincerely; they are loyal to one another and ignore each other’s faults and their good character increases accordingly. As a result, the happiness of true humanity begins to develop in the home.”4)
  • “Your holiday gift congratulated me so much that if I had thousands of sorrows, they would have erased them. May God bless these a thousand times over! At such a time, such sincere loyalty, brotherhood and sisterhood for the sake of God, and assistance in the path of God are found only in the sincere and truthful, who have a high goal with zeal. May innumerable thanks and gratitude be to the All-Majestic Creator that He has made people like you the servants of the All-Wise Qur’an and the students of the Risale-i Nur.”5)
  • “We must be content with the effulgent stations in the circle of the Risale-Nur’s instructions, considering the service it has bestowed upon us. Instead of having excessively good assumptions and giving extremely high positions, we need extraordinary loyalty and perseverance, and excessive connection and sincerity. We must progress in this path.”6)

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