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  • Being aware of existence. Knowing that you know. Waking up from the sleep of heedlessness and experiencing presence. The distilled form of life.
  • “Knowing something by sensing.”1)
  • “The perfection of existence is through life. In fact, life is the real basis and light of existence. Consciousness, in turn, is the light of life.”2)
  • “As for the perfection of your life in happiness, it is to perceive and love the lights of the Eternal Sun pictured in the mirror of your life, to display ardor for Him as a conscious being, to be enraptured with love of Him, and to establish His Light’s reflection in the center of your heart.”3)
  • “The spirit is a living, conscious, luminous entity; a comprehensive, substantial law or command of God furnished with external existence and has the potential to achieve universality.”4)
  • “Indeed, just as life is a pure extract distilled from the universe, just as consciousness and sense perception are extracts distilled from life, and intellect is an extract distilled from consciousness and sense perception…”5)
  • “The universe’s Owner and Master does everything with knowledge, controls every affair with wisdom, directs everything perfectly, regulates everything all-knowingly, and arranges everything in a way to display the purposes and uses He wills for them. As the One who creates knows, the One who knows will speak. Since He will speak, He will speak to those having consciousness, thought, and speech. Since He will speak to such beings, He will speak to humanity, whose nature and awareness are the most comprehensive of all conscious beings. Since He will speak to humanity, He will speak to those most perfect and worthy of address.”6)
  • “When your share in your existence is compared to that of the One Who created you, it is like a hair compared to a thick rope, a fiber compared to clothes. When your consciousness and knowledge of yourself is compared to your Creator’s knowledge and sight of you, they are a firefly’s light at midday. You are in the darkness of indifference, and the night of nature or naturalism shows you your light as if it is a piercing star.”7)
  • “State consists of Divine manifestations occurring at times determined by the absolute Will. These manifestations are reflected in the heart and received in the believer’s perception and consciousness, which pursue and cast them into a mold.”8)
  • “When they advance to the point where their inner and outer worlds, perception, and consciousness are illuminated with the knowledge of truth, then they begin to see clearly Who holds the reins of everything, and they always turn to Him in Whose Hand lie their existence and subsistence.”9)
  • “Literally meaning the essence of human existence and a person’s perception of themselves, wijdan (conscience) is a spiritual mechanism composed of the willpower, which chooses between good and evil, the spiritual intellect (fuad), which is the inner, most essential dimension of the heart, the inner power of perceptiveness or the mechanism of feeling or sensation, and consciousness.10)

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