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  • “An atmosphere of harmony, mutual understanding, and tolerance.”1)
  • “Keeping away from war, disorder, and mischief.”2)
  • Peace in Islam is essential, war is an accidental and exceptional situation. Allowing war in our religion is for the defense of values that must be protected, such as religion, intellect, property, life, and progeny.”3)
  • Justice is the soundest bridge of universal peace; oppression is the lowliest form of meanness polluting the horizons of humanity.”4)
  • “While this is being done on the one hand, sensible politicians, sociologists, philosophers, pedagogues, and educators must come together and they must try to develop a language of peace between different civilizations instead of violence and war. Against the war language and war-mongering that some states might try to incite for the sake of their interests, it is necessary to form a discourse and environment of peace by means of common sense. Alternative projects should be developed against all kinds of provocations and attempts that will ignite the possible World War III that may devastate the whole world, and the feasible projects should be implemented immediately. Otherwise the horrible weapons produced in our time will bring the end of humanity.”5)
  • “In spite of some constant pursuit of evil plans, you must use all your genius, all your planning and strategic abilities to suppress the grudges and hatreds of such people, to tame them and to create an environment where people can live together in peace and security.”6)
  • “Radical-minded people who act with a sense of bigotry have little to do in the name of the conquest of hearts and the peace of humanity. They will never be able to get respect for their values in the hearts because of their rigidity. They cannot make others love the Pride of Humanity, peace and blessings be upon him. For, they are captives of their own carnal souls.”7)
  • “Since acquiring the character traits of God is an important goal for the believers, their duty is making corrections and removing vice. From the nearest circle to the farthest one, they should always try to generate an atmosphere of peace in all areas they are related to, by eliminating resentment, pacifying fights and conflicts, and bringing people with different feelings and thoughts together.”8)
  • “Today, in order for the world to become a more livable place, it has become a necessity to make peace and peace prevail all over the world, and to establish bridges of tolerance and dialogue between people of different religions and nationalities. Undoubtedly, people need each other's help and support in order to make this happen. It is not possible to realize these common goals in a world where love is replaced by grudge and hatred.”9)
  • “It is not possible for people who cannot rehabilitate their inner worlds to establish social peace and order.”10)
  • “The establishment of a universal peace depends on the promotion of compassion and justice. Such a universal peace can only be achieved by people who nurture justice and compassion in their hearts, and who believe that even an unfairly gained cent will be held to account in the Hereafter.”11)
  • “The main factor underlying the conflicts and fights that arise today is self-obsession. Everyone is chasing to establish a family, city, state, and world structure in their own way. In a world where everyone runs behind their own structure and model, it is not possible to meet in the middle. Who will fit what in a world where each intellectual, each movement, each state constructs some ideas and systems of their own, accepts them as the only truth, and expects others to follow! Unfortunately, there is such a reality behind the tensions and confusions we experience today.”12)

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