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Hunting the Divine Self-Disclosures

  • Self-disclosure is the opening of the material and spiritual veils, making the qualities of the Divine Essence directly experienceable. Hunting the Divine Self-disclosures means to catch these Divine manifestations, secrets, and gifts with the spiritual heart and subtle senses.
  • “The spirits awakened to the truth, who turn their hearts into bright mirrors shining with Divine Self-disclosures, go hunting these Self-disclosures on their prayer rugs.”1)
  • “… hunting is done in remote areas, without human presence. Prey will not come to places frequented by people. In this respect, a person who wishes to journey through the immensities of the heart and spirit, and hunt for the Divine Self-disclosures that come pouring to those immensities, needs to seek secluded bays. This surely does not mean it is impossible to hunt the Divine Self-disclosures in places where others are present. It can even be said there are blessings one gains through congregational worship that it is not possible for a person to obtain on one’s own.”2)
  • “The spirits awakened to the truth or on the way to it are constantly vigilant for hunting the Divine Self-disclosures, mysteries, inspirations, and other blessings such as experiences of knowledge of God, intense love for Him, and spiritual delight. As for those unaware of the truth and what is right, who have given in to worldliness, they neither feel the breezes of Divine Self-disclosures nor experience the excitement of pouring an inspirational blessing to the cup of their heart.”3)
  • “… one manifestation of the Divine Name the All-Living, which is one of the Divine Names that have all-encompassing manifestations or one of the six lights of the All-Encompassing Name of God, appeared to my mind from afar in the month of Shawwal while in Eskişehir Prison. It was not recorded at that time; we could not capture that sacred bird.”4)

“Let me burn, for that state is like water of life for me.

Matter dissolves in the bosom of the spirit

The spirit goes hunting the Divine Self-disclosures, ambushing in my heart

The senses attain the horizon of mesmerized vision.”5)

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