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Forced Migration

  • “It is now the time of ‘forced migration.’ There was a time when our friends migrated to unvisited lands. It is such a language that the whole world heard it; they now know most of you by name, face or condition. And in a state of profound trust, they asked a deluge of questions and asked such things as, ‘Tell us, for the love of God, what has happened to you?’ ‘What can we do for you?’ When they saw the deprivation and suffering, they took their house keys out of their pockets and handed them over. If there were no keys to give, they would say, ‘Rent a place somewhere, we will pay the rent.’ Germany moved to offer support in this way, as did Canada, partly France, the United States and various other places. As for the Islamic world, in the majority, they just slept. How shameful it is to ‘sleep’ next to the one who ‘acts’.”1)
  • “… this is such an act of Divine Favor! It is being forced to do something out of a favor; that is why we call it ‘forced migration’. Forced migration: Go on, display throughout the world, as though at an exhibition, the values you possess, values that are based on the fundamental disciplines of your religion and which have become deep-rooted and part of your nature. Put on display those beautiful traditions you inherited from the past. Those values you inherited which are in conformity with the foundations of the religion: the Qur’an, Sunnah, Consensus of the Ummah and the Deductive Reasoning of the jurisprudents. And you are displaying these jewels throughout the world much like at a book fair or exhibition.”2)
  • “Even if you do not say it out loud, you might be thinking: ‘We are already devoted to this cause, with God’s permission and grace. Even if we do not see anything unusual, have any consolidating dream, or act with spiritual alertness in a state of wakefulness, a thousand praises and glorifications to God with regard to our current position. He created us as Muslims, removed the love for worldly life from our hearts, he has forced our direction towards Him and then He said: ‘(Due to your transnational cause), you cannot fit into the tight borders of Turkey. But you did not migrate using your free will so by giving you a slight slap of Divine Compassion I lead you to compulsory migration. Spread around the whole world. Promote the virtues of believers just as it was practiced in the Age of Happiness. Show the world how there are people who can embrace all people from all kinds of races.’’”3)
  • “Did the voluntary migration at one time come to a stop, or was there a little idling in reaching out, whatever happened, as if God, may He be glorified and exalted, said, ‘I will force you to migrate by making some oppressors suppress you in your own country, this time I will send you to a forced migration!’ Now, in a way, there is a period of forced migration. For example, some businessmen were exposed to such a migration. Which businessmen? The businessmen, whose offices were raided by asking, ‘Why did you give a scholarship?’ The businessmen, whose brothers, sisters, and mothers were interrogated by asking, ‘Why did you give a scholarship? Why did you collect donations? Why did you help all over the world?’ Those who persecute them almost say: ‘Why did you do things we didn’t do? You triggered the feeling of envy and treason in us. You did this job; whereas if you hadn’t done this, we would have been getting along quite well. The world have considered us as human beings until they have seen you.. We have fallen down in the face of these services you have provided. We were crushed by this humiliation, we made it a matter of honor. Therefore, we will not prosper you here, we will not give you respite, and we will crush you one by one with witch hunts.’”4)

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