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  • The process of mental and spiritual maturity.
  • “It is a fact that the first master and most effective teacher of any person is their mother.”1)
  • Education is different from teaching. Most people can be teachers, but the number of educators is severely limited.”2)
  • “I find it correct to say, ‘the Movement of Volunteers,’ while referring to the activities of sincere people whose philosophy is based on love, dialogue, tolerance, peace, and mutual understanding, and who are mobilized for education.”3)
  • “Just as going through the process of education and reaching a certain consistency brings a metamorphosis of merit in that student, a servant must experience that metamorphosis through worship so that they can go to the Hereafter with a difference.”4)
  • Education means elevating someone potentially human to the level of true humanity. As for ideal educators, they have to possess the ability to produce a monument of a human, like an able sculptor. If genius minds are not cultivated in the hands of good educators and not brought up under their influence, then it is very difficult for them to rid themselves of the diseased thought of ‘I know everything the best’ and gain an understanding to let them benefit from other people.”5)
  • “The most important means of struggling against conflict and discord is education. That is, you will bring up perfect individuals in terms of virtues and universal values, values such as peace, tolerance, and dialogue. Not only will they know a few languages, but they will have expertise in different sciences. At the same time, they will be cultivated with human values and virtues, full of the ideal of making others live.”6)
  • “Today, all of the activities carried out in order to fight against the most important enemies of humanity such as lack of education, poverty and conflict, as well as to show humanity the ways of living humanely, are the work of self-sacrificing hearts who have come together around an ideal that is admired, appreciated and found reasonable.”7)
  • “Today's dedicated spirits are dispersed all over the world with ideas such as engaging in educational activities, establishing dialogue bridges and reaching out to the needy, and they are trying to realize these ideas with the schools, universities, dialogue centers and cultural centers they have opened. While doing this, they act as sensitively as possible in order not to offend or hurt anyone.”8)

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