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People of the Heart

  • “With their vision, faith, and deeds, people of the heart are integrated heroes of both spiritualism and meaning. Their profundity relies not on their knowledge or acquisitions, but on the richness of their hearts, the pureness of their souls and their closeness to God.”1)
  • People of the heart are monuments of humility and modesty who are devoted to a spiritual life, determined to stay away from all the material and spiritual dirt, always vigilant to corporeal desires of the body, and ready to struggle with such evils as hatred, resentment, greed, jealousy, selfishness and lust.”2)
  • “A longing for the transcendent realms is evident in the eyes of people of heart. Dedicated to the consent of God, they are such people of progress and of struggle with distances that they run like a purebred Arabian steed until they reach their Beloved One, without expecting, in the meantime, anything in return.”3)
  • People of the heart are such sincere adherents of the truth that all they think of is to stabilize the justice on Earth and they are willing, when it comes to His consent, to give up their own desires and wishes. They open their hearts to everyone, welcoming them affectionately, and appearing as an angel of preservation in society.”4)
  • “Along with their endeavors and activities, people of the heart who are seeking ways to incur His help also give utmost importance to God’s aid and assistance. They pay particular attention to union and solidarity, which are considered a means of God’s aid. They are ready, wholeheartedly, to cooperate with anybody who is on the straight path. Moreover, for such an understanding of union, they, in spite of themselves, follow a path.”5)
  • People of the heart are lovers of God, and devoted seekers of God’s consent. They connect their deeds to His pleasure, regardless of the circumstances.”6)
  • People of the heart are too busy fighting their selves and their misdemeanors to be interested in the misdeeds of others.”7)
  • “For the people of the heart that have been devoted to gaining God’s good pleasure with feelings, ideas and deeds, the first priority is to lead a life based on perfect faith and equipped with sincerity. Thus, it is unlikely that such a person will be dissuaded from reaching their goal, even if they were offered the heavens in addition to the world.”8)
  • People of the heart never compete with those who bear the same ideals and who walk on the same path, nor do they envy them. In contrast, they complete what has been left incomplete by others, and, when interacting with other people, they treat them as if they were as closely connected as organs of the same body.”9)
  • “Relying to a great extent on method and manner, people of the heart conduct all of their acts in accordance with their nature. They try, however, to remain respectful to the acts and thoughts of others. They are able to live harmoniously and to share, developing common projects.”10)
  • People of the heart do not violate the rights of any other people, nor do they seek revenge. Even in the most critical circumstances, they tend to behave calmly, and do whatever a person of heart should do to the utmost. They always reply to evil acts with kindness, and, considering badness to be a characteristic of evil, treating those who have harmed them as monuments of virtue.”11)
  • People of the heart lead a life illuminated by the light of the Qur’an and the Sunna, and also within the framework of the consciousness of taqwa (piety), blessing, and sainthood. They are on constant guard against feelings of egoism, pride, fame, etc., feelings which kill the heart. The glories performed by such people are attributed to the Real Owner, saying, ‘All is from Him.’ With those things that depend on will power, they avoid uttering ‘I,’ instead taking refuge in ‘We.’”12)
  • People of the heart are afraid of no one. No single event can send them into a panic. “Relying on God, he works hard, expecting the rest from His aid,” sums up their character, and they never break their promise.”13)
  • People of the heart never lose their temper with anybody, nor are they offended by those whose hearts are attached to God. When they see any of their brothers or sisters-in-religion doing wrong, they do not abandon them. In order to avoid embarrassment they do not make any wrongdoing publicly or personally known, either. On the contrary, they blame and question themselves for witnessing any immoral act.”14)
  • People of the heart avoid commenting on the attitudes of believers that are apt to be interpreted differently. They think positively of what they see and hear and never perceive such actions as being negative.”15)
  • “In every act and deed, people of the heart keep in mind that here, this world, is not a place of reward, but rather one of service. Accordingly, they perform the duties that they are responsible for in strict discipline, regarding it as being discourteous to God to be concerned about the consequences. They consider it a priority to perform actions in the name of God and with God’s consent in order to serve the religion, belief, and humankind, and however great their achievements may be, they attribute all to God, without thinking about taking a personal share for themselves.”16)
  • “The destruction of order cannot leave people of the heart in despair, nor does the opposition of other people disturb them. ‘This world is not a place for conflicts or rows, but one for endurance,’ they say, and patiently clench their teeth. They seek ways out of any situation that they may find themselves in, not losing hope even at the most critical of times, and they are constantly producing with adamant perseverance multifarious strategies.”17)

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