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The Inner Dimension of Existence

  • The inner dimension of existence, for those who are open to it, is never a fantasy, a dream, an illusion or a delirium, but instead a phenomenon and an inner system. It seems feasible only through such an inner dimension that the satisfactory explanation of our existence, the secret of our life, the reason of our creation, manifestation of our desires directed towards eternity and our thoughts related to all these points become plausible and acceptable and that our groundless fears and worries melt away. The inner dimension is the path of concise faith, the spiral of light which conveys Divine knowledge to the pinnacles, the heavenly steed of love and ardent desire, and the call of heavenly attraction. Each believer’s view of the universe, the provisions of each soul en route to attaining this knowledge, each lover’s inner dynamism, and each person of truth’s inextinguishable zeal are always nourished from the expansive pool of that dimension. Souls and hearts that liberate their roots to such a source form such a metaphysical poetry with the emotions and thoughts that overflow from within, thanks to it, every single thing from microcosm to macrocosm coalesces in a lucid order and turns practically into a proper sentence with each word in its best place.
  • Just like it is unimaginable to be in love with anything without considering its reasons and motives, it is unlikely that everyone is receptive of inner dimension at all times. Some are born as receptive while some keep on developing this aptitude of theirs for a whole lifetime, then subsequent to a certain term, they attain a capacity large enough for encompassing space and time in their entirety. Such individuals lead their lives in an appetite for inner meaning and metaphysical profundity on an infinite scale and throughout the path they live as if their hunger is insatiable. Many others obtain material and corporeal phenomena to achieve fulfillment but time and again grow weary as this often turns into routine. However the ones with their spiritual lives that are transcendent above the boundaries of reality at full speed and with an endless yearning, walk on new paths, stop over at different places, associate each visited place with a wisdom in the real time context and in connection with the past and future stations; in search of Divine knowledge, love and spiritual delight, they roam with incessant desire, just like lovers seeking each other, running from one horizon to another.”1)

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