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The Perfect Pattern of Creation

  • The expression “ahsan taqwim” indicates that human being is the most beautiful embroidery woven with the Divine Names and Attributes.
  • “Moral corruption is a tremendous disaster. Therefore, we believe that the moral principles in the Qur’an are a source of healing for those who are in depression. The Qur’an states: ‘Surely We have created human of the best stature, as the perfect pattern of creation. Then We have reduced him to the lowest of the low.’ (At-Tin 95:4-5) It is possible to interpret this verse as follows: ‘We have created human being in the best form and nature, and then pushed him to the lowest of the low.’ In other words, ‘We put them in a state where they should always struggle with their evil-commanding souls, where they sometimes fall down, but they can also soar to the highest rank of humanity with the wings of faith and good deeds.’”1)
  • “Without the knowledge to complete his internal self, one will become an artificial being, constituted of a decorated shell and a filthy internal sphere. His tendency toward evil will make him worse than an animal, which is neither good nor evil and simply lacks sentience. Aspiring to heights that leave angels behind and attaining the manifestation of ‘the perfect pattern of creation’ is contingent upon developing goodness, on the constant effort toward becoming virtuous. We can express this truth as follows: Our disposition is by no means susceptive to remaining in the same position. It is not human nature to maintain its status quo. If the individual does not aspire to a higher ideal, his inner self will be overwhelmed with feelings of rage, lust, hate, spite, envy, or self-satisfaction, in a weak state that allows Satan to ultimately leave the individual utterly lost. The Qur’an draws our attention to this issue on many occasions, i.e. ‘… those are like cattle, or rather are even more misguided.’ (Al-Araf 7:179).”2)
  • “With an exalted adornment that is the focal point of one thousand and one Divine Names, man, created as the perfect pattern of creation, has a Divine knowledge that can be the most magnificent language and branch of the universe. God created Adam according to his shape in Divine knowledge.”3)
  • “… while our creation in the fairest form demonstrates the Maker, together with the comprehensive abilities lodged in that fairest form, our rapid decline points to the Resurrection.”4)
  • “Human beings have been created of the best stature as the perfect pattern of creation, and given a comprehensive potential. They have been sent to the world as miracles of power, the ultimate pinnacle of creation, and wonders of art. For them, this world is arena of trial, where the two ways are open before them, one leading to infinite ascent, the other to infinite descent. So, by following either of these ways, they either will rise to the highest of the high or descend to the lowest of the low.”5)
  • “if humanity, created of the best stature as the perfect pattern of creation, concentrates on this worldly life, we are far lower than a sparrow, although we have far more developed faculties than any animal.”6)

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