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  • Hope is the heart’s interest in something pleasant in the future.”1)
  • “Those who live on, live through their hope and determination. / Those who live with hopelessness bind their spirits and consciences.”2)
  • “Despair is an obstacle to any kind of perfection.”3)
  • Hope is a condition of mind connected, above all, with belief. Those who believe have hope, and their degree of hope is directly proportional to their degree of belief. It is because of this that certain effects of strong belief can strike some people as wonders. In fact, when hope, determination and resolution reside in a believing heart, human norms are transcended. And those who do not experience belief on this level consider such hope and belief in others as something quite out of the ordinary.
  • Despair and pessimism do not arise in the mind and spirit of one who has chosen well what he believes, and believing has set his whole heart upon that belief.”4)
  • “An individual develops by means of hope. Likewise, a community gains vitality and strives for prosperity by means of hope. Just as an individual who has lost all hope cannot be regarded as truly alive, so too a community devoid of hope is disabled, paralyzed.
  • Hope consists of a man finding his spirit and seeing the potentiality that lies within it. Perceiving that, he comes into contact with the All-Powerful and thereby obtains a power that can overcome everything. It is by this power that a particle becomes a sun, a drop of water becomes an ocean, and by it too a man’s spirit becomes the breath of the universe.”5)
  • “It is in fact impossible for those unable to see the truth to do otherwise when their purposes are not realized. For those who set their hearts upon wealth and position, though always mightily cheered by transient successes, are certain, sooner or later, to be utterly disappointed.
  • What we need more than food, water or air, is patient, determined guides who resist corruption and hardships and never become daunted. We can derive little benefit from those who start this journey on a whim and abandon it in despair when they do not quickly attain what they are looking for, and become engaged in disputes with the Creator.”6)
  • “Fear of people paralyzes one. Expecting something from them often causes disappointment and despair. The sole remedy for not feeling fear of anyone is to fear the one who really deserves to be feared. The way to never fall into despair is to rely on the One, Who is always powerful and able to keep His promise.”7)
  • “In order to save people from absolute despair and heedlessness and to keep them between fear and hope and in a position from which they may lose neither in the world nor in the Hereafter, God Almighty has concealed the appointed hour of death.”8)

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