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The Abode of Divine Wisdom

  • “This world is the realm of Wisdom; the Hereafter is the abode of Power. So, in accordance with the requirements of Divine Names such as the All-Wise, the All-Arranging, the All-Disposing, and the All-Nurturing, creation in the world is gradual and extends over a certain period of time. This is required by His Wisdom as the Lord. But given that Power and Mercy are more evident than Wisdom in the Hereafter, creation in that realm is instantaneous and free from anything related to matter, space, time and duration.”1)
  • “This world is the abode of wisdom and service, not of wages and reward. Everything happens in accordance with God’s Wisdom, and people will be rewarded in the Hereafter for their good deeds and services. Thus the fruits of good deeds done for God’s good pleasure should not be sought here. Thus the fruits of good deeds done for God’s good pleasure should not be sought here. If they are given, they should be accepted with sorrow, for it is unreasonable to use up here the fruits that will be replaced in Paradise right after they are eaten. It is like exchanging a lamp giving permanent light for one that is extinguished in a minute.”2)
  • “It is affirmed in an eloquent style that the most beautiful way of sainthood is following the elevated Sunnah, that the most important principle of sainthood paths and tariqa branches is purity of intention, and that this world is the abode of wisdom and service, not of reward.”3)
  • “The manifestation of the Divine Name Al-Qadir (The All-Powerful) in this world and the Hereafter is different. Since the world is ‘the abode of Divine Wisdom’ and the Hereafter is ‘the abode of Divine Power,’ the Divine Name The All-Powerful will be manifested directly in the Hereafter without the veil of worldly causes, and Divine Power will completely prevail there. As stated in a Prophetic saying, everything desired will be fulfilled instantly and a person will achieve everything he desires. This manifestation of Divine Power in the Hereafter does not mean that it will not be manifested in this world. For, the Divine Power appears in the world beyond the veil of wisdom. Therefore, we observe things and events in this world by the veil of worldly causes. However, it is the Power of God that really acts beyond these veils.”4)
  • “The Hereafter is abode of Divine Power, and the world is the abode of Divine Wisdom. In other words, the Divine Power prevails in the Hereafter, and the Divine Wisdom is dominant in this world. Therefore, the worldly causes will be disabled in the Hereafter, but they are activated as a requirement of the Divine Wisdom in this world.”5)

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