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The Metaphysical Realms

  • “The lofty spirits who represent the spirit of chivalry, who use their willpower to keep their carnal desires under control, who make self-criticism several times a day and mind their behaviors, who resurrect in heart and prove their existing in the true sense, and who journey to the metaphysical realms by enthusing their spirits with sublime feelings, resemble pure blood circulating in the capillaries of the society in which they live. The societies that possess this essence of life are fortunate. Those that lose this spirit slowly lose their vitality, like a person losing blood, and then die.”1)
  • “In that luminous period, just like the natural fruits of life, some high values that were born in the subtlety, air and water of those beautiful days, direct the people of that day to the metaphysical realms, despite their nature, inclinations and pleasures, as well as their corporeality and sensuality, and make them be aware of immortality.”2)
  • “The light houses are the homes for riders of light, the dervish lodges of those with deep spirituality, and where those thirsty for knowledge and wisdom seek their inspirations. These houses, which get their hue from the realms beyond, are like observatories allowing one to witness the metaphysical realms from this world.”3)
  • “In reality, for those who can see with the light of faith, all these beauties folded into one another are only clear signs of His Divine Being, and the human being is an interpreter who can read and understand those signs. The matter shows the path to the secrets of the metaphysical realms to those believers who can filter events through intellect, consciousness, and feelings within a balance. Through time Divine secrets diffuse into their souls, and their hearts become observatories of the Divine Attributes.”4)
  • “So long as such reason, which has gained luminosity, continues to study the metaphysical realms through the windows of the heart and the spirit, it continuously develops and receives new radiance, and thus acts according to its level of development. As a result, the constant act of turning to the Ultimate Truth causes new doors to be opened unto it, and the gifts that come through these doors encourage it to turn to God more. This profitable trade and interaction on the way toward the Infinite continues ceaselessly.”5)
  • “Religion is an inexhaustible and blessed source that contains the principles of true civilization and lays its foundations. It is through religion that we are elevated so high in spirit and feelings that we make contact with the metaphysical realms, where we are ‘fed’ to full satisfaction with all kinds of beauty, virtue, and goodness.”6)

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