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The Architects of the Spirits

  • “The generations of hope, which are, with respect to the present, the representatives of science, knowledge, faith, morality, and art, are also the architects of the spirits of the people who will succeed us. They will pour out to the needy hearts the purest inspirations of their hearts, which are nourished in the higher realms and they will bring forth the newest formations in all sections of society. The inauspiciousness and waste, the insanity, obsessions, and delirium of successive generations in our near past occurred, to a great extent, because they had not met such a generation of hope.”1)
  • “Imam Ghazzali becomes monumental in our eyes; Imam Rabbani Ahmad Sirhindi sits in the throne in our hearts. Rumi shines like a chrysolite projection. We accept thousands of them more as the constructers of minds and the architects of the spirits and we feel as if to see their hands made off light, extending from the past in order to shape our future, because we are of those who acknowledge the virtue and value of the knowledge and science.”2)
  • “We beg the One with infinite mercy, may He be glorified and exalted, to bestow great blessings and effulgence on the venerable author that he will lead many more years of a fruitful life in good health and well-being. We hope with a serious desire and enthusiasm that our reverend Hodja will continue to depict this spiritual map that he has prepared for the travelers of spiritual knowledge, with many more new chapters, God willing. May God grant such a willpower to his heart and strength to his pen. May He make us fully benefit from this source of blessing. Perhaps, and of course, the expectation and excitement of this poor person does not mean anything alone. But we know that he has a vast heart that will feel that general prayer and need. We hope that he will not leave us without a road map on this journey of wisdom, as a poet expresses this long and difficult journey: ‘This road is long. There are many stations. It leads to deep waters.’ Even if our voice is not heard, the influence of the next generation and great architects of the spirits will be felt.”3)

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