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System Blindness

  • “Over time, people may have system blindness. In a way, we can call this being defeated by familiarity and habituation. It is inevitable that the work done will become monotonous as it is routinely repeated with the same procedures. If the system is not renewed by reviewing it periodically, and if the deficiencies and gaps are not corrected, some blindness will occur over time. This prevents new initiatives and make people dull.”1)
  • System blindness can be experienced in any place/area where an order, big or small, is dominant, from state order to social life, from the technological companies to civil society organizations. After such systems are established, they develop to a certain point with the momentum that was provided by the existing opportunities. If people think that the system works on its own, do not use their power of intellect too much, and try to enjoy the established order, this process will not take long. After a while, malfunctions occur and destruction becomes inevitable.”2)
  • “Change and renewal must occur naturally. In this regard, needs should be decisive. It should be very well determined what will be changed and what will be left. One should not waste the sources just because of trying something new. Good things done by others should not be destroyed and disputes should be prevented. Existing projects should not be cancelled without developing alternative ones, and current effective systems should not be resisted with the sole motive of rebellion. Otherwise, when we try not to fall into system blindness, greater distortions and turmoil may occur.”3)
  • “The people who hold power are as confident of themselves as the powerful ones in the past. Sometimes self-confidence and system blindness bring disintegration. It's hard to overcome such disintegration. If you do not adapt to change, one day you will have to give up.”4)
  • “This movement began with serious devotion, serious sincerity, and serious fidelity; its being able to walk to the future depends on keeping up the desirable state. May God save, sometimes harmonious functioning of a system established may result in system blindness. Sometimes, success and accomplishments might evoke pride in people and cause to indulge in a life of ease and comfort. Considering the good things that emerged as result of their attitude and behaviors in terms of apparent causality, individuals might sometimes ascribe these to their own abilities, wisdom-oriented thoughts, and excellent perspicacity. Actually, all of these are like a deadly virus that makes its way into a body. Unless the due precautions are taken, they can bring the body down.”5)

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