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Compulsory Bounty

  • Compulsory bounty is a term used in the name of the bounties bestowed on people by their Lord, without their free will or power of choice. In this context, everything that a person has can and should be evaluated in terms of compulsory bounty. Coming from nonexistence into existence, being a human not an inanimate object, plant or animal, being born in a Muslim country, being created as a healthy human being… These innumerable blessings can be called “compulsory bounties.”1)
  • “The first aspect of compulsory bounty is belief. Yes, belief is a blessing from God to people. From this point of view, we consider belief as a compulsory bounty.”2)
  • “Another aspect of compulsory bounty is to reach the lofty and high ideal of making God’s Name felt in the hearts by making use of the views of an important thinker (Bediüzzaman) of our age, in a unifying and reconciling line and framework.”3)
  • “Another aspect of compulsory bounty is the representation of the spirit and thought of the respectable Hasan ibn Ali (may God be pleased with him). Yes, in the near future, at the stage of sharing some interests, many seditious events and internal conflicts can be prevented by the contentment of some devoted, altruistic and self-sacrificing souls who represent the spirit and understanding of Hasan.”4)
  • “As for the most important aspect of compulsory bounty, it is the fact that our free will is not an issue in all the bounties bestowed by our Lord.”5)
  • “True believers try to fulfill every job in connection with the Divine Name The Ultimate Truth and Ever-Constant. They act with the understanding that truth is essential in every activity. They know that adhering to truth is a duty of tribute, and they consider this in the perspective of compulsory bounty.”6)
  • “It is a compulsory bounty that God gives limited opportunities to some of His servants, as He knows that they will not value their wealth, and thus protects them from heedlessness and debauchery. In other words, it is a blessing for those whom God has given moderate opportunities to live a modest life. But the most important thing here is to establish this balance by free will.”7)
  • “… love, which is a compulsory bounty for other beings, depends on exertion to become common among people.”8)
  • “When people running on the path of God profane their works with associating partners with God, He might occasionally let misguided ones pester them, as a compulsory bounty.”9)
  • “In terms of his duty, the Messenger of God has always preferred poverty personally, either voluntarily or as a compulsory bounty, not to be a target of criticism. We should also view scholars, saints, and saintly scholars who have preferred poverty in the footsteps of God’s Messenger from the same perspective.”10)
  • “We see two levels in guidance. In the first level, there are only some simple means, and the Qur’an sometimes describes these means as a reason for guidance. In fact, this is only a simple cause to bestow guidance. As for the second level of guidance, it is the creation of guidance in the human heart by The All-Just God. God Almighty sometimes creates directly, or by some means. Such a direct guidance is a mere blessing. Our elders called it ‘compulsory bounty’. Our prayer from our Lord is that He will guide us with such a compulsory bounty.”11)
  • “Both the Realm of the Transcendental Manifestation of God’s Divinity and the Realm of the Transcendental Manifestation of Divine Mercy and Compassion, or God’s being the All-Merciful and the All-Compassionate, are realms that are related to God’s knowledge of everything and to His making Himself known through His manifestations of Mercy, Care, and Helping; He thus prepares hearts for perfect servanthood to Him through worship and obedience.”12)
  • “First of all, it is God Almighty, may He be glorified and exalted, Who employs us in this service by compulsory bounty. If we had engaged in these activities with our free will, I think we would have tried to escape at the beginning, considering some possible challenges.”13)
  • “Everything and every movement in time and space is recorded with all its characteristics by the pen of Divine Destiny, with its unique wavelengths, without any confusion. Neither of their writings corrupts the other, and beings continue their existence in obedience to the Divine laws by a compulsory bounty.”14)
  • “There is a compulsory bounty, an agreeable forcing in the Zakah (the Prescribed Purifying Alms).” People, who own some inactive assets, and who are responsible for the Zakah, know that if they do not make their wealth active by some investments, their capital will fall below the prescribed amount of provisions after a while with the Zakah they will give every year and they will become poorer.”15)

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