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A Name without a Reality

  • Something that does not have an essence or corporeal reality but has a name. Something that has a name even though it does not exist outside the mind. (For instance: the phoenix).1)
  • “For a certain period, turning to God had a reality without a name. Names such as Naqshi, Khalidi, Qadiri, Shazili, Bakri, or Jarrahi were not known. But whatever they did existed in reality. Everywhere, hearts were full with remembrance of God. He was the one cherished in people’s hearts, which had virtually become His places of manifestation. Hearts came to life in the true sense and this profound experience did not go unnamed.
  • There came a period when some used special titles for spiritual experiences and Sufi orders got to be named after their masters. Thanks to those sincere guides, the treasure did not remain behind locked doors. It was heard deeply in the consciences and became the ‘unity of name and reality.’ One phrase they uttered bore a thousand-fold greater meaning. Their saying ‘Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar’ referred to thousands; their hearts found contentment and rest. In that period, name and reality were almost the same.
  • However, one day came, (there are exceptions) for some, the era of the ‘name without a reality’ began. Many truths were trapped in names, titles, shapes, and forms.”2)

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