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  • “A life style in abundance, comfort, and security that a nation and society attains by benefiting from the superior qualities, values, and works in intellectual and artistic life, and blessings in fields such as science, technology, industry, and trade.”1)
  • “… our observed dominion in nature, and our advancement and progress in civilization and technology, are mainly due to our essential weakness and helplessness, which attract Divine aid. Our poverty is the source of Divine provision, our ignorance is compensated for by Divine inspiration, and our need draws Divine favors. Divine Mercy, Affection, and Wisdom, not our own power and knowledge, have empowered us with dominion over creation and have put things at our disposal.”2)
  • “By reason of its philosophy, modern civilization considers force or might to be the point of support in social life, and the realization of self-interest is its goal. It holds that the principle of life is conflict. The unifying bonds between the members of a community and communities are race and aggressive nationalism; and its ultimate aim is the gratification of carnal desires and the continuous increase of human needs. However, force calls for aggression, seeking self-interest causes fighting over material resources, which do not suffice for the satisfaction of all desires; and conflict brings strife. Racism feeds by swallowing others, thereby paving the way for aggression. It is because of these principles of modern civilization that despite all its positive aspects, it has been able to provide some sort of superficial happiness for only twenty per cent of humanity and cast eighty per cent into distress and poverty.”3)
  • “… true happiness is the happiness shared by all, or at least salvation for the majority. The Qur’an, revealed as a mercy for humankind, only accepts civilization of the kind that brings happiness to all, or at least to the majority. In the present civilization, passions are unrestricted, impulses and fancies too are free; this is an animal freedom.”4)
  • Civilization does not mean being rich and putting on fine airs, nor does it mean satisfying carnal desires and leading a luxurious, dissipated life. What it really means is being civil and courteous, kind-hearted, profound in thought, and respectful to others.”5)
  • “Those who have no connection with their inner dimension cannot have any connection with any civilization.”6)
  • “The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, turned the most bigoted, savage, and uncivilized people into teachers for a civilized world, and thus, he became the beloved one of so many hearts.”7)
  • “We should never forget, the most fundamental part of a civilization is educated individuals; its most vital essence is a liberal, independent country; and its most precious capital is time.”8)

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