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Being a Guest of the Spiritual Realms

  • “One can see the reflections of the heavens on the faces of the pilgrims, their demeanors unchanged since being at the Ka’ba; one can feel in their own heart, body, and soul the sincere and imploring voices of these devoted servants who, forgetting all else, are turned completely towards God. Here, one can be a guest of the spiritual realms; it’s as if they were walking with angels in the celestial gardens, discovering the depths of Divine mercy.”1)
  • “In such cases where our emotions rise with excitement, our perceptions and sensations alter and our horizon of cognition deepens, we often come out of our daily interests, turn towards the backstage of all these events and hear and mumble the universes we have always seen and observed and the environment we have been created in, in a way as if they are letters, words and poems penned by the Beloved, with the vastness gained in our souls by virtue of being a guest of the spiritual realms (transcendence). We listen to them and get excited about them as if we are listening to some melodies pouring out of His ney (reed flute). We observe them as if they are lacework made with His crochet hooks, greeting them with astonishment and appreciation, and then bless all those things we see, inhale their scents deep into our souls, rub them onto our faces and experience minutes that cannot be equated to the moments of reunion in that hall of reunion. We intimately feel that love and attachment to Him means everything and it is superior to all kinds of material and physical pleasures.”2)
  • “For them, both multiplicity and unity are only mere conceptions that have certain, important meanings. Even though the darkness of human nature surrounds humanity’s horizon of perception, the light of truth and unity removes this darkness. Those who rise high enough to go beyond the atmosphere of their corporeality and to remove the veil from their eyes so that they can see the realms beyond become familiar with the lights of the realm of unity; they find themselves in showers of surprises through their perceptions, sensations, and observations.”3)
  • “Thinking that something exists or does not exist is partly dependent on the perception of the thing by the inner senses. Especially when things and events are viewed through the windows of those senses that have attained the utmost refinement by being a guest of the spiritual realms, the scope of outer existence becomes extremely narrowed. It can even completely disappear in the sight of the travelers who are on the way to the Ultimate Truth and able to view everything with their innermost senses.”4)

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