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The Physicians of the Spirits and Spirituality

  • “The way not to waste away in the web of such negatives is by mobilizing to raise the ‘physicians of the spirits and spirituality’ which can fill the vacuum in us, eradicate our weaknesses, rescue us from being slaves to our body and carnal desires, and direct us to the level of the life of the heart and soul. We need physicians of the soul and reality whose hearts are open to all fields of all knowledge: perspicacity, culture, spiritual knowledge, inspirations and Divine blessings, abundance and prosperity, enlightenment; from physics to metaphysics, from mathematics to ethics, from chemistry to spirituality, from astronomy to subjectivism, from fine arts to Sufism, from law to jurisprudence, from politics to special training of religious Sufi orders: journeying and initiation in Sufi terms. We are not in need of this or that particular quality or ability, but rather the whole comprehensive mind. Just as the brain has connections and interactions with all the parts and cells of a body, from the nearest to the farthest, from the smallest to the biggest, by means of nerve fibers, so too will such a cadre of minds be connected, communicating and interacting with the atoms, molecules and particles of the nation-body. So will it reach all the units and organs that constitute society. So will its hand be in and over the vital institutions. So will it convey gently to everyone in all walks of life, certain things from the soul and reality, which come from the past and gain more depth with the present and stretch into the future.”1)
  • The Emerald Hills of the Heart does not examine the schools in the Islamic Sufism in respect to different views, terms and ways of thinking, but it deals with the fundamental concepts of Sufism with great care and sensitivity. Here, the Sufis’ view of existence (ontology), views of theology (logos), views of knowledge (epistemology), and moral, spiritual and psychological foundations are mentioned sententiously, in an orderly Sufi culture and worldview. Of course, all these are expressed not under these headings, but through the key concepts of Sufism. Being a skillful and professional physician of the spirits and spirituality, Fethullah Gülen Hodjaefendi here interprets the Sufi concepts and makes a percipient appeal not only to the understanding of spiritual knowledge shaped just by the personal experiences of the Sufis, but also to the overly materialized and alienated, as well as arid views of the age.”2)

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