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Patience against the Exasperation of the Time

  • “Patience is of various kinds in terms of the matters being patient with. Patience with perseverance in worship, patience about not committing sins, and patience in the face of calamities are the most well-known types of patience. There is also a different type of patience: not to change mind, not to shift in thinking and feeling, and to always follow the Qur’anic line in the face of the attractive beauties of the world. The fact that the friends of God, who breathe with the desire to go beyond, endure the worldly life until they complete their duties and suppress the desire for reunion in their hearts with a sense of responsibility, is a special patience only for distinguished servants. In addition to these, there is patience against the exasperation of the time in works that require certain period.”1)
  • “The future of the world and its peace somewhat depend on this (the noble ideal of living for others). But it is a very big project, so it requires very long time and patient against the exasperation of the time. It is a matter of being patient in the ultimate sense while waiting for the appointed term. We don't know when it will happen… A journey to the noble ideals… Being devoted to a grand purpose of life… These are very important matters. They will receive the reward for their intentions. When a person is devoted to such a lofty goal, he gets his reward. If he leaves his country in the name of his ideal, he will receive his reward. If he experiences an emigration… He doesn't run away, but he leaves a place where he can stay. He goes to a place that is very difficult to go! It is a very difficult matter for him to go to a place that does not promise much in the beginning. He manages to go to such a place. But everything is not like that it is ready, packaged, and presented to you as a gift there. It is very important to wait for the appointed term. We call it ‘patience against the exasperation of the time.’ We consider this as a category of patience.”2)
  • “… it is also possible to mention about some additional types of patience: Patience in keeping the direction in the face of the alluring beauties of the world and the bounties that stimulate the soul… Patience against the exasperation of the time in tasks that depend on a certain period… The patience of the perfected people, who prefer the religious service to their own selves and stay here and continue their duty despite the heartfelt desire for witnessing the Divine Beauty… The patience of such people against the reunion, or preferring the Divine consent by submitting to His providence, and not preferring death, although they are constantly dreaming the Exalted Friend.”3)
  • “Actions ought to be well balanced at all times. Reaching all humanity, communicating Divine messages to every single individual one by one, is surely a responsibility each one of us wishes and desires to attain urgently. However, to follow the process gradually against the maddening pace of modern life is another kind of wisdom.”4)
  • Patience against the exasperation of the time… Patience in the form of indifference to spiritual distinctions… In fact, the patience to force oneself to remain in this world of suffering even if the doors to Paradise have been opened wide for the sake of service on God’s path is another kind of patience.”5)
  • “At the present, we are desperate for a grand purpose of life, a revival in our concept of civilization and in our own culture. Indeed, in order for the historical values of this nation to escalate like a statue rising upon a blockade, we are forced to be more patient towards even more torment, misery and the provocation of time as a nation. Remaining respectful during the development period in the nature of events is subject to familiarizing with this nature.”6)
  • “… this path requires patience. Patience with worship… Patience against the severity of the conditions… Patience against the exasperation of the time while waiting for the God’s rewards. Thus, prayer and patience at one point become connected. The way and method of seeking the grace of God are following up your service to others with patience, constantly seeking concentration in the Daily Prayers, thinking of God, may He be glorified and exalted, every instant as the Real Beloved, and preferring Him to everything.”7)

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