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Person of Cause

  • “A person of cause, in the first place, is a ‘person of apprehension.’ Before proceeding with anything, he weighs up everything and he will never take steps without prior planning or consideration.
  • He is man who has dedicated his life to the pleasure of making other people live and who has stripped himself of carnal pleasures.”1)
  • “A person of cause is full of life to the teeth. He is also fully aware that living makes sense. Yet, he is the hero of revival and he orients not only his life, but also his other precious assets toward making other people live.
  • As every altruistic person is not a person of cause, every ideal person cannot be so either. A person of cause may be an idealist, for certain qualifications are needed for being so.
  • A person of cause knows very well what he does or will do. He never acts with a consideration to the effect of ‘Let me do this or that and see what happens.’ He contemplates, he consults, he plans, and then he acts. However, he never wastes time with trials and errors.”2)
  • “Being a true person of cause, the Prophet did not change his behavior at the beginning or after he became successful in his cause. In an effort to list the great people of human history, a western scholar had said something to the effect: ‘Many people in this world failed to preserve their initial attitude after they became victorious or successful. There is one exception to this: Prophet Muhammad. He managed to maintain the same level when he set off and when he reached his final destination.’ He treated everyone with tenderness, compassion and kindness during the early years of Islam when Muslims were being tortured and he was expelled away from Mecca. When returned to Mecca as a victorious conqueror, nothing changed in his behaviors or attitude toward other people.”3)
  • “The people of cause do not change their attitude neither in their victory nor in their defeat.”4)

Person of Cause

Along the winding road to the Truth

A hero, all selfishness banished,

The key to the mystery of creation in his heart,

Weaves his way through time to reach his goal.

* * *

Moving ever upwards he breathes the air of eternity

He has met with Khidr: He knows the way.

And to fellow wayfarers he gives the good news of dawn

A message of hope in a night of choking darkness.

* * *

In his hands burns a torch; he spreads light everywhere

And he brightens the Way for all who would follow.

His ascendance radiates peace and serenity

His amber fragrance permeates every atom of creation.

* * *

Wherever he treads finds life and becomes green

The hills and valleys, plains and mountains are all dressed in color

And on every breeze is borne the perfume of spring;

Blossoms appear, flowers burst into life, trees are quickened.

* * *

His mind nurtured ever by eternity,

An everlasting melody flows from his lips

All he sees is the richly colored tapestry of life to come,

The belief in which is part of his every being.5)

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