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  • Sophistry is the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.”1)
  • “… the moderate level of the force of intellect is called wisdom. ‘Sophistry’ is the excessive state of the force of intellect, in the sense of declaring the right as wrong and the wrong as right. ‘Idiocy’ or ‘stupidity’ is the insufficient level of the force of intellect, in the sense of not being able to understand anything properly, not being able to comprehend even the simplest things.The moderate level is called ‘wisdom,’ which indicates the ability to evaluate things and events well and to distinguish between what is likely to be favorable and unfavorable.”2)
  • “… the shortest, safest, easiest, and most beneficial way in human morality and conduct is the way established by the Straight Path and following the moderate, middle way between extremes. For example, if the power of reason is divorced from wisdom, which is the middle way, and deviates from moderation, it falls into either of two extremes: harmful demagogy and wiliness, or calamitous stupidity and foolishness. It suffers all kinds of difficulties on these long and tortuous paths.”3)
  • “The noblest Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, had a perfect nature that was perfectly balanced, and he strictly obeyed the Divine order, Pursue, then, what is exactly right (in every matter of the Religion) as you are commanded (by God) (11: 112), and his biography clearly demonstrates that he was always balanced and straightforward in all his actions and states. He continuously avoided going to all sorts of extremes. For example, completely free of both stupidity and demagogy or sophistry, the two extreme points of intellect that entail its corruption, his intellect or power of reason always worked in accordance with wisdom; this is the point of balance, upon which uprightness is based. Likewise, his power or faculty of anger, completely removed from both cowardice and rage, the extreme points of this power which signify its corruption, always acted with blessed courage, which is the middle point. Similarly, his power of passion, absolutely purified of both frigidity and dissipation, which are the extreme points of this power, and therefore indicate its corruption, always and strictly followed chastity as the middle way or the point of balance. And so on…”4)
  • “As of today, the things that are done in the name of debate in newspapers and televisions are nothing but sterile discussion and sophistry. Instead of telling something to the other party by acting positively, many sterile discussions are made, and of course no result can be obtained. On the other hand, if one can act with the principle, ‘The person who is pleased with the embarrassment of the interlocutor is ruthless,’ the other party will not be allowed to defend their mistake, the influence of the current facts will increase, and better things will emerge about the debated issue.”5)
  • “The depth of clear water is comparable to the depth and eloquence of the Qur’an. The Qur’an does not violate people’s minds and hearts with philosophical games, sophistry, riddles of logic. Everything is very clear in it, and there are no logical games. It is a direct and clear expression of truth.”6)
  • “In the illuminated climate of the Qur’an the intellect becomes a companion of the spirit with a color of wisdom along the line of the Straight Path, without going into sophistry at one extreme and stupidity on the other.”7)

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