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  • “Making a definite decision to do a task; making a great effort with determination to do something.”1)
  • “The intention is to focus one’s effort on achieving a desired thing, while perseverance reinforces that intention.”2)
  • “In the end, the intention that leads to an action and deed can save a person. On the contrary, an intention that does not undergo perseverance and effort never will… Intention is a purpose and inclination, a perseverance and consciousness. Through intention, a person knows where they are heading, what they desire, and it leads them to a consciousness of finding and obtaining.”3)
  • “Everything first appears as a conceptualization in the mind. It is then planned with a second inclination. Subsequently, it is realized with perseverance and resolve. Without this initial design and plan, starting any task will be fruitless, and any design and plan that does not see willpower and perseverance will also be in vain.”4)
  • “…in order for a person to rise to the level of humanity, they need pure intentions, systematic thinking, unwavering perseverance, and continuous effort.”5)
  • “…there are so many different facets of the devil that dealing with them can be quite difficult, requiring serious perseverance and willpower, and always seeking refuge in the grace and protection of the Almighty.”6)

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