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Genius Mind

  • “When we say genius minds, we refer to those who try to understand the era they live in, the society, human, universe, phenomena… shortly everything, who strives to put to practice the theoretical information they learned, and who constantly thinks, inquires, and investigates in this respect. As those people are fixed on search of truth, love of knowledge, and passion for investigation they can solve the problems they pursue by God’s grace, can make very surprising achievements, can clear up clogging of thoughts, and thus become a means of illumining the society they live in.”1)
  • “In each and every era of depression, there have been genius minds that have enlightened the masses suffering from religious, intellectual, social, financial, and moral depression; these minds have reinterpreted human beings, the universe and existence in its entirety, and they have even reinterpreted the background to existence, removing obstacles in our thought processes. Many times have people made a new shirt from their death shroud; they have reinterpreted things and phenomena many times. They have recited the book of existence—a book which in the perceptions of shallow minds had lost its color and luster and taken on a dim hue— as if it were music, feeling it to its very depths; they have observed it like an exhibition. They have unraveled the truths hidden in the heart of the universe by analyzing things season by season, paragraph by paragraph.”2)
  • “In a stormy period in which we face an intermingling abyss, when the bridges have collapsed, the roads are impossible to pass and where the nation is shaken by various trials experienced rarely in history, it is clearly impossible to exceed all of these negative aspects with the same routine schemes. In such exceptional cases, these are events which require outstanding human effort and extraordinary performance, and by virtue of the plans, projects, strategies, the genius minds capable of producing these, and also by virtue of the courageous envoys who, rather than living, were devoted to contributing to the lives of others, such events sometimes become a turning point in history for some nations.”3)

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