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Person of Willpower

  • “Mus’ab ibn Umayr was the perfect person to communicate the diamond principles of the Qur’an by employing the canon of ‘arguing civilians down is only possible by convincing them.’1) Yes, he was a perfect soldier that would accomplish the mission of guidance and conveying the Divine message by means of behaving wise where brute force was dominant, and the freedom of expression was ignored. So to say, he had almost been programmed for that mission. He was not one of those nervous people whose tension increases suddenly, or who are defeated by their emotions and start to rave, and pop out saying ‘count me out after all!’ when times were tough. Quite the contrary, he used to have such a strong will power that he was capable to decrease the tensions of the angriest people without changing his attitude even at times when people spit in his face. That is, he was just a man of balance, thoughtfulness and willpower.”2)
  • “ … human beings should not allow their stomachs to defeat them; they should be strong-willed people that are able to discipline their eating and drinking habits. In other words, they should not be subject to their stomach’s will. Otherwise, a person who eats more than he should, cannot avoid over-sleeping and being lazy and thus cannot attain certainty.”3)
  • “The republic provides a foundation that elevates us with uplifting values. Later it leaves us alone with our elevated morality and alert conscience. Finally recognizing ourselves as human beings with willpower, we always think good and virtuous thoughts and follow high human values at home and at work.”4)
  • “A leader is a person of willpower, who never displays laxity. It is absolutely unthinkable for leaders to renege on their decision or to compromise their belief. Hope is their inseparable friend, and despair is their arch enemy, whom they will not host even in their dreams.”5)
  • “It is a certain fact that whatever our situation—married or single, at home, in the school, at work or in the street—we desperately need those friends who are people of the spirit and willpower, who will keep us in their company, open their wings upon us, protect our feelings and thoughts from satanic suggestions.”6)

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