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  • Meaningless, contrary to reason and wisdom.
  • “Anything that lacks true meaning and purpose.”1)
  • “In whatever He does there are instances of wisdom; He does nothing in vain.” (Ibrahim Haqqi)
  • “It is known: It is futile to attempt to teach what is already known, especially if the thing that is known is observable. It must therefore contain some peculiar and remarkable points so that it may not be futile to teach or state it.”2)
  • “How could the One Who gives you this face, Who impresses upon it the stamp of Mercy and the seal of Oneness, leave you to your own devices? How could He consider you of no account, have no regard for your actions, and so make all creation, which is directed toward you, futile and wasteful? How could He make the Tree of Creation worthless and rotten with decayed fruit?”3)
  • “Those who pray recite ashhadu an la ilaha illa’llah (I bear witness that there is no deity but God), the Creator and the All-Providing. Only He can give harm and benefit. He is the All-Wise and so does nothing useless, the All-Compassionate Whose mercy and bounty are abundant.”4)
  • “Everything exists for many purposes, and numerous effects result from it. These purposes and effects are not, as the misguided suppose, related only to this world and to their own selves. Therefore, absurdity or purposelessness cannot take part.”5)
  • “From absolute Goodness comes forth only goodness, and from the absolutely Beautiful One comes forth only beauty, and nothing in vain or purposeless comes forth from the absolutely Wise One.”6)
  • “The All-Wise Originator, Who is the All-Powerful and All-Knowing, has created everything beautiful and with perfect orderliness. He has equipped all beings with whatever they need, directs them toward agreeable aims, and uses them in the most proper duties. He causes them to worship and glorify Him in the best manner. So if you are truly human, do not deform these beautiful things by asserting that they were created by nature, chance, or necessity. Do not foul them thereby with absurdity, purposelessness and misguidance. Do not act in an ugly fashion, and do not be ugly.”7)
  • “Embark upon every duty after you have carried out the proper planning activities and safety measures. Be wary of those steps that do not result in any material or intellectual benefit or add any value. Every project undertaken without adequate precautions is triviality and nonsense, a sign of foolishness and childishness in the person preoccupied with it.”8)
  • “… one should not lead an absurd life in this world. They should do beneficial works in the name of their faith. They should serve the eternal bliss of people. There are millions, billions of people waiting for the messages of the Pride of Humanity. We should not disappoint their expectations, should act immediately, and not fall into lethargy.”9)
  • “God acts within the framework of causes and laws due to His dignity and grandeur. He is also The All-Wise. Namely, He has no absurd deed. There is always ‘wisdom’ in everything He does. However, He is not obligated to act within causes and laws, nor to observe ‘wisdom’ in all His works. There is no compulsion for God. That's why, from time to time, God acts to show that He is not obligated to do anything, to prevent minds and hearts from being caught in the web of causes and laws, to reveal His Divine will clearly, and to draw the attention to Him; and He exposes us to events that transcend causes and laws.”10)

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