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Cultural Muslimness

  • “There are two fronts that victimize Islam: One is the front of hatred and stubbornness, which always carries out attacks that will shock Islam. The other is the front of the unfaithful, who found Islam on the way and exhibits an attitude of ‘cultural Muslimness.’”1)
  • “… it is a requirement of being compassionate to come to the help of everyone, especially believers. However, unfortunate people who are deprived of the light of faith, who do not believe in the existence of the Hereafter, the Resurrection and the eternal life, and thus ruin themselves, or those who cannot feel the joy of faith in their hearts by imprisoning their hearts and consciences in the ‘cultural Muslimness,’ who are constantly immersed in their sins, whose heart becomes darker every day, and therefore who always live as 'outsiders' need compassion more.”2)
  • “From the perspective of language, there is a fine distinction between faith and Islam. However, it is strongly believed that Islam without faith and faith without Islam (submission) are incomprehensible. Faith is the interior, and Islam is the physical expression of this faith that constitutes the exterior. Their union makes the Divine Religion, which establishes all aspects of faith and Islam. Yes, religion is a Divine system that makes of all the branches and faculties faith of Islam active in life, and it is a believer's attitude that this system is accepted and lived in this way, and those who represent it in this way are called ‘religious people’, not the ‘religionists.’ For this reason, those who see it as consisting only of belief, as well as those who could not accept and internalize it, who have only ‘cultural Muslimness,’ would be counted among the mistaken. It is obvious that both groups have been and will be left bereft of the fruits of this religion, fruits promised by God Almighty, in this and in the next world.”3)

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